These MythTV builds are cross compiled for Windows from my Linux server. Running from a 0.24-fixes git checkout, a build script semi-automatically builds them and uploads them to Sourceforge. No testing is performed before uploading.

The 64bit builds are made by using a patch that I made which simply changes some integer sizes to the correct mingw32-w64 types in order to allow compilation. If a 64bit build crashes, download the 32bit version and see if the crash still exists. If the crash ONLY appears in the 64bit build, report it here. Otherwise please submit it to the MythTV trac.

Plugins are not currently being build, because there are some issues geting the configure script to recognise all the dependencies. Eventually when this is fixed plugins will be built.

I am not a MythTV developer, so please be aware of the fact that this is a hobby project. That being said, I usually do a git pull ever weekend and kick off the builds if the log shows non-backend changes.

If you would like to keep these builds going, please Donate.